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Brian Sargent is an American Muay Thai enthusiast, coach and blogger. Since 2012 Brian has been staying in Thailand off and on exploring many aspects of the Thai culture. From Muay Thai, Buddhism, food and tattoos he has had quite the exposure to the “Thai life.” Brian also is a Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA) and uses this knowledge along with Muay Thai to help others lose weight, sharpen their Muay thai skills, and conducts Muay thai seminars.  Brian is currently training at Ironworks gym in Binghamton NY. USA.


Muay Thai Coaches and Fighters that Brian has Trained with:

John Franchi, Former WEC Featherweight


Watcharachai Kaewsamrit: 2000 Thailand Fighter of the year, Former WMC Champion, Former Raja Champion

015 (3)
Kaimookaw Watcharachaigym (Chuwattana): Raja Champion and WBC champion


Adam Kayoom:

Former World Muay Thai Champion WPMF Middleweight, Ranked Top Ten Middleweight Muay Thai Fighter Rajadamnoen Stadium, Bangkok Thailand (2006 to 2007) and CURRENT OneFC fighter


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  1. I sometimes teach a class down at the local gym. I found the information here to be consise and easy to read. Thank you for sharing your views on the topic. Thumbs up.

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