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Gym Boss Interval Timer Review 5 Stars

February 9, 2017


If you are into serious training then you probably do some sort of interval training. Whether you are doing cardio circuits, tabata circuits, bag work, or just need a count down timer the gym boss has it all. Talk about a device with NO FLAWS then look no further.

The Gym Boss has a few settings in its timing selections. first you can set the work time and rest time from 1 second to 99:99 minutes/seconds. This makes the Gym Boss ideal for people who do varieties of training. it can be set for any amount of work to rest ratios that you can come up with which makes it very versatile. It’s button set up is simple and easy to learn and customize the timers. You can then set the number of rounds you want to complete up to 99. With just some slight figuring you can plan out any combo of interval work that you can come up with.


Some examples would be:

Tabata Circuit: 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest for 8 rounds
Boxing Round Timer: 2-3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest for 15 rounds
MMA Timer: 5 minutes of work with 1 minute rest for 5 rounds

Work count down timer: 10 minute countdown for doing as many sets or reps possible in 10 minutes. for examples: As many med ball slams as possible in 10 minutes. as many turkish get ups possible in 10 minutes.

Multiple exercise timer: Say you are doing Muay Thai rounds. 3 minute rounds. but you set the timer for 30 seconds and 30 seconds. Set the timer for 3 rounds. That equals 3 minutes.
0-30: Just punching
30-60: just kicking (1 minute mark)
60-90: punch and kicking
90-120: Punch and Elbows (2 minute mark)
120-150: Punching and Knees
150-180: Clinch Knee Sprints (3 minutes mark)
Reset Timer and take a short break. Repeat for 3-5 rounds
The Gym Boss is also pretty audible. you can set the alarm, which is just beeping, for 1,2,5, or 9 seconds of ringing. its pretty loud for a small device. if you were in an open room you could easily hear it, even if music was being played. Okay do not be stupid and play your gym music at the maximum and call me a liar because you could not hear it. Use some common sense lol. The same is true while wearing headphones. Granted you don’t listen to your headphones at maximum levels. Also it has a vibrate feature which can be used on its own or combined with the beeping.


The other little accessory that comes with it is a “belt clip” on the back of the gym boss. It can clip to clothing and pockets depending on the type of training you are doing. They do also make a small velcro strap that can go around your bicep as well sold separately but is still pretty cheaply priced.


The Gym Boss is also a favorite of Fitness coach Funk Roberts.  Almost all his workouts involve the gym boss as it is perfect for his interval training systems.  Whether you are using it for running, exercising, combat sports, or whatever… it is a solid piece of equipment and i am very happy with my purchase.


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