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My Review of Xero Shoes (Amuri Venture)

May 2, 2015

Venture-Coal-FeaturedSo I saw this Xero Shoes promoted by someone I respect. I thought to myself “yes I need these.” I went online to their website ( expecting them to cost an arm and a leg because they are a bit of a “specialty item.” I ordered their “entry” shoe called the Amuri Venture. Surprised to find them very reasonably priced at around $39. They provided you with a sizing instructional video that is pretty spot on for the size. I ordered them and they arrived as expected.

They are very thin soled, (5.5mm thick) very light, (just under 5 ounces) and flexible. easy to pack away whether you are using a suitcase or even a fanny pack (if you wear that sort of thing). Ladies it would def fit into your average purse.


The good… Affordable, light weight, flexible, and good fit. The lacing system does take a bit of adjusting to get just the right fit, but when you do its pretty solid. i find them more comfortable to walk around in that flip flops for sure. one note… if you are not used to very minimalist shoes or barefoot walking/running… you will need to build up to wearing these for extended walks. Your feet need to adjust to the new stress (or lack there of depending on how you look at it) of almost no shoes at all. Start out with day to day walking then build up to longer walks and see how they feel. do not just go out and decide to walk a 10K in them.

The bad… Okay.. Captain obvious statement here… due to the very thin sole (IE these are meant to be “bare foot” feeling shoes.) you will feel everything you step on. At first i was wearing them in mainly “urban” environments… walking on the street, parks, some grass, nothing but the usual obstacles of city life. I even wore them to the gym a few times to work out it. HOWEVER… once I got to the island living and started negotiating tougher terrain, i noticed a big difference. It was painful almost negotiating rocks and pebbles… as if i was walking barefoot. (DUH barefoot shoes) The next step i ended up getting them wet walking around a waterfall. The Xero shoes became quite slippery on the rocks and ended up taking a small spill. During said spill the shoe rolled itself under and the pin post pulled out. I did just push it back together and the Amuri Venture back on my foot. Im sure this was just a worst case scenario that happened. I did put these shoes through “the ringer” so to say.

Overall… Aside from my off the beaten path adventures I do like the zero shoes. I see them as a good “urban” sandal and day to day shoe. I do not think they are comfortable to run in and I stick to my nike frees for my road work. That is just my opinion though and may be different for you if you are a pure barefoot runner. If you are going to do any kind of off road trekking I suggest going with some standard “minimalist” shoes if your into the whole “barefoot” benefits. another Idea would be to just go all out and rock some hiking boots if you are going to be doing any type of rough terrain. The overall quality is good and has taken some punishment as I experienced almost every type of terrain here in Thailand. City and urban walking.. great, on the beach, great, but anytime i stepped on a rock or pebble I felt it! Also if you are in a mode where you are constantly taking shoes on and off as I am here in Thailand… a good pair of flip flops may just do you better.

Giving a “star” rating i would say 5 stars for everyday use and urban living and 2 stars for more off road adventures. As I stated… I do like the Xero Amuri Venture but only for the function of light terrain and around town.


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